Krishnamurti Retreat Centre, Jalna

The Krishnamurti Retreat Centre, Jalna, is situated amidst luscious Kumaun Hills under Tehsil Lamgara, Dist. Almora. The region
has a long history of providing solace and a quiet environment to everyone who comes to its pristine hills.

The campus is nested atop a hill; on about 1.2 acres of land, and the retreat has a 360° view of the surrounding hills and valleys. From the top centre with a magnificent and huge round sit-out,
one can have a breathtaking panoramic view of the majestic snowclad Himalayan range. 
The quaint and picturesque village of Jalna inspires a spirit of rest and provides a space for quiet reflection and meditation With its beautiful surroundings and serene atmosphere, the retreat is a place to welcome everyone to enter in intimate contact with
one’s actuality in the light of the teachings and perhaps choicelessly perceive the hidden recesses of one’s mind.

There is no guided or structured activity. The place acts as a mirror in which one can see oneself as one is. 

One can go for walks, have the leisure to sit at one of the many sit-out places under shade, watch the setting sun slowly painting the sky orange, listen to the songs of the birds or just remain with the silence.

Deep at night large and dense assembly of stars or the milky way against a clear sky can easily make you faint. Incredible view to behold!

”You see the great mountains with their snow and against a blue sky in the morning light, there is a certain quality of silence, a certain quality of breathless adoration and the perception of that immovable–the deep valleys, the lakes and the rivers and the forests– when you see all that, the very greatness of it drives away our petty little life, may be for a minute or a few seconds: when the self is not beauty is.

Do we understand?” ”I think it is essential sometimes to go into retreat, to stop everything that you have been doing, to stop your beliefs and experiences completely and look at them a new, not keep on repeating like machines whether you believe or don’t believe. You
would let fresh air into your minds. Wouldn’t you?

That means you must be insecure, must you not? If you can do so, you would be open to the mysteries of nature and to things that
are whispering about us, which you would not otherwise reach; you would reach the god that is waiting to come, the truth that cannot
be invited but comes itself. But we are not open to love, and other finer processes that are taking place within us, because we are all too enclosed by our own desires.

Surely, it is good to retreat from all that. Stop being a member of some society. Stop being a Brahmin, a Hindu, a Christian, a Muslim. Stop your worship, rituals, take a complete retreat from all those and see what happens.”

From 2008 when the land was purchased by KFI, and 2015 when the first volunteer offered to begin with some landscaping and fencing of the land, much has happened in terms of development of the land and creation of facilities for retreat guests.

Apart from a 100 sq. feet reception room and a water tank for rainwater that can hold 70000 litres, our main cottage has all the basic amenities (two washrooms and a kitchen) that can accommodate four persons.

Meanwhile, two hermit huts and a circular cottage have been added.

Stay and Facilities

The guests may find themselves in a self-catering arrangement, though there will mostly be an assistant on the campus to help, especially in preparing the lunch in the outdoor kitchen.

In keeping with the ethos of the place, guests are requested not to smoke or drink alcohol or eat non-vegetarian food. For booking confirmation, a non-refundable amount of Rs. 1,900/- per person (as booking charges) is to be deposited in advance to the
retreat’s bank account.

How to reach

The nearest railway station to the retreat is Kathgodam/Haldwani, about 90 km from Jalna. One can take a bus from the Haldwani bus stand or a shared taxi from Tikonia Chauraha, Haldwani to Jalna.
Almora is one hour drive from Jalna. If you are coming by your vehicle, you need to take the road to Padampuri from Bhimtal
and later take the state highway to Lohaghat/ Devidhura from Dhanachuli, later passing through Pahadpani and Tehsil Lamgara, from where Jalna is only 6km away.

Weather in the Himalayas can be uncertain. It is refreshingly pleasant in the
summer and chilly and snowy in the winter. Daytime temperature is generally pleasant, except in June and July when it can increase to around 30-35°C.

(Sit-outs in the shade and hermit huts provide perfect relief during summer
surprises) Mornings and evenings are generally cold (below 10°C), and yes, from December to February, it can drop down to as low as -3°C and yet keep you warm during the day thanks to bright sunshine.

The retreat is equipped with all amenities for all seasons. You only need to bring your personal articles, including woolens and walking shoes.

The Himalaya Retreats Committee KFI, S/F. A/c.153300 01000 13544, Punjab National Bank,
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For guidance on arrival at Jalna call at 9415983690
Visit us at website:
Krishnamurti Retreat Centre, Krishnamurti Foundation India (KFI),
Village: Jalna, post: Lamgara, Distt: Almora,
Uttarakhand, Pin: 263625